My First Swinging Experience
By Rob

Many years ago (about 20) before the internet became the world wide web, I was regularly visiting  the US on business. Being young (early 30s) and having read about the free and easy life americans lived I decided to seek out a swingers party in New York.

Without the Internet this was much harder than you think. At that time there ware chat rooms called bulletin boards and I found one for swingers. After 2 weeks, I got in touch with a guy who knew a swinging club in New York that would be open on a Saturday night. As a single man, I had to have an invite and he told me to ask for him when I got to the door. This wasn't easy either because we didn't have mobile phones then.

The night came, I was dead nervous, there was a small queue at the door. I duly asked for Mike, and he met me at the door. At that time he looked old (he's my age now) and he got me into the club. It was everything I had read about. On the floor there were half naked women dancing with women and men in the most erotic way. Mike left me to my own devices and I wondered round the club. I sat for about an hour watching the various couples dancing erotically on the floor.

After a while one of the half naked women came off the dance floor and asked me to feel her exposed breasts, she was very proud of them as she had recently had a boob job, I felt them and they felt hard and I remarked how nice they were, she went on to kiss me and feel my now hardening dick. She told me she was a member of the police force, which surprised me (call me old fashioned- I didn't expect police women to be dancing erotically in a swingers club).

Throughout the evening an attractive woman in her twenties, dressed in a small dress, kept smiling at me. She stood out because she was wearing something, whereas most of the women weren't. She and her male friend came over to talk to me. She asked me to dance and started snogging me on the dance floor. I let my hand wander over her bum and round to her pussy, which was wet and I slipped a finger into her which she gratefully pushed down onto. The music stopped and we sat down again.

Her male friend (John) asked me about myself and I explained this was my first swingers club. He said let me show you around and proceeded to take me downstairs. Downstairs, it was erotic, and here were all the couples engaged in various sexual exploits, there were women sucking men off whilst being fucked from behind, women licking other women's pussies, it lived up to my expectations. Unfortunately we didn't stay long because a guy came up to us and asked us what the fuck we were looking at - at which point I realised not all new yorkers are as friendly as Maria and John.

At about 2AM as I was ready to leave, and John and Maria asked if they could come back to my hotel. I said yes, but was actually very scared, I thought this was going to be scam and they would rob me of my passport and wallet. We got a cab back to the hotel. As soon as we got to my room Maria put her arms around me and started to snog me, standing up. John was behind her with his hands on her breasts kissing her neck. We proceeded to give Maria a lot of attention. Maria took off her dress and pants (she wasn't wearing a bra) and continued to snog me. She took off my clothes and got down on her knees and sucked my cock, whilst looking up into my eyes. John was proceeding to undress. Maria put on me not bed and laid me down and started sucking again - John now entered her doggy style and she started to moan while sucking my cock (marvellous).

She then mounted me cow girl style and fucked me slowly and erotically kissing my neck, nipples and mouth. This seemed to last forever, during this time I hadn't noticed that John was fucking her ass (I didn't feel this and had only read about this in books and didn't think that women really did it, later in life I found out that most women do and do enjoy it when done right) - Maria was in ecstasy and started to moan with pleasure. She came and as she did so did I and John.

We fell asleep, but during the night I woke up to her sucking my cock and we fucked again, this time it felt more like making love, whilst John slept beside us. We must have had sex 5 times that night (I was young) and in the morning John and Maria left and I never saw them again - we didn't have mobile phones in those days so couldn't exchange numbers.

It was a great introduction to swinging and also made me realise how nice New Yorkers can be.