My First Anal Experience
By Carol


I’d been having sex with other lifestyle (Cottage) members while Dave, my husband, watched for some time. Dave occasionally got hold of a porn video. Readers might remember it was a ‘Screw My Wife’ porn videos that got us intrested in single gentlemen. Dave was the first guy i ever had sex with, I was completely inexperienced when we got together, indeed I was a virgin. We’d married about a year later. He was obviously very experienced when we met. I never ask him about girls he’s been with before, though I know that if I asked he wouldn’t have an issue in telling me whatever I wanted to know.

I’m sure that he got an anal sex video with the intention of introducing me to anal sex, though he denied it. I’d heard about it of course, but watching the obvious pleasure that the porn video couples derived from it intrigued me. Smart Dave,  it was because of this exposure it was me who first raised the subject. Once or twice when I’d been having sex with other lifestyle couples he had tried to put his cock in  my anus, though half- hearted and after clinching my sphincter and reaching down to reposition their cocks it had never happened. “Why do people seem to enjoy anal sex so much?” I asked one night after we’d had very satisfying sex. “Several reasons” Dave answered, “firstly the sphincter is a very strong muscle and a girl can easily control the grip on the man’s cock, and of course can often feel the man’s cock better, especially those women who have slack vagina's. I expect you already know that after a girl has had a child by natural childbirth her vagina will be very slack, unless she does pelvic-floor exercised. Indeed I can never understand why so many girls who’ve had kids don’t do anything about it. If they did it would massively improve both them and their partner’s sex life”. “I’m OK since you bought me that Kegel8 toner ” I said. “Tell me about it” Dave laughed, “If you wanted to keep me out you’d be able to just clinch your vagina” he joked. ”It’s not that effective” I retorted, but wanting to hear more about anal sex I told him to carry on. “The sphincter is very sensitive” he said, not only can the guy control the grip, It’s usually a great source of sexual pleasure. I’m sure that if the sphincter wasn’t so sensitive with the ability to squeeze there ‘d be very few homosexual men”. “That’s really interesting” I interrupted, “I’ve always wondered just what pleasure they got from fucking each other”.

Still suspecting Dave’s motives for exposing me to anal sex videos, I asked “Can we try it?” He continued, “If we did try it without you being prepped, you’d never ever want to try it again and nor would I”. “What do you mean, ‘prepped’?” I asked. He answered “Let’s put it this way, I certainly wouldn’t want to pull my cock out of you with it covered in shit, and I don’t think you’d be too happy if I pushed a shit-encrusted cock back into your vagina. You’d likely be down the doctors in a week or two with a serious vaginal infection, it could even lead to infertility if contamination got into your uterus. And the man isn’t impervious to getting an infection, either”. I reminded Dave “Well then, accepting all that, what‘s this about being ‘prepped’?” “I was going to go on to tell you, but I wanted to make sure you knew that reason why you should never have anal sex without being prepped” he said, continuing, “Basically it’s a case of ‘douche and lube’. The douche cleans you out so that there’s no shit up there, and the lube is there to make sure things go smoothly. The vagina s own lubrication system which kicks in when you get aroused, but there’s nothing in your anus to do the same”. Again I interrupted “I’ve already got a vaginal douche, and we’ve got some KY jelly, so we can try it then”. He continued, “Your vaginal douche isn’t long enough. A girl’s vagina is typically four of five inches long, so the vaginal douche is fine for that, but the anal passage is longer”. Again I interrupted wanting this conversation to move on “How long?” “”Only five or six inches when the guy first goes in, but the lower bowel is much longer and will likely straighten out as the cock pushes further in. They do sell enemas which are a type of douche, but unfortunately are mostly gravity fed which doesn’t work too well for what we’re talking about. The best thing is a suitable plastic container fitted with a long plastic tube. Squeezing the container sprays water well up the anal passage. Any plastic container with a spout can be used, though some types of container are better than others because if the spout is too short, the plastic tubing might slip off. Clear plastic tubing can be bought from B and Q, but the end which goes up inside you must be filed so as not to scratch your inside, using emery nail board”. When Dave paused, I was silent for a minute, I couldn’t help but wonder about the girls he’d been with before we met, and how often had he’d anal sex with them. But I pushed the thought out of my mind. “OK I said, can you get this stuff together so we can try it?” I asked, then going on at another thought, “Do I use water to flush with? And what about the lubrication you mentioned, Vaseline or do you use KY jelly?” “Best thing is very warm water with a drop of plain shower gel. KY suppositories are best as a lube, because you can push one up as far as your finger allows. It’s also a good idea to keep them in the fridge because they start melting as they get warm and you might not be able to push it up far enough before it goes squidgy”. “Sounds very complicated” I commented. “Not really Dave replied, “but you do have to decide to have anal sex before it happens. You can tell the phonies on the contact sites who glibly talk about having anal sex, when it’s obvious that they not only have never had it, they’re clueless about how to do it without serious infection”. I suppose it’s because the anal porn videos never choose to mention it”. I was silent for a few moments again, before saying “But I’d still like to do it”. “OK” Dave said, “I’ll need a few days to get the stuff sorted out”.

A few days later, after our evening meal Dave asked “Are you ready to lose your anal virginity?”, and I grinned “You took my other virginity, why stop there”. The thought excited me, and I wondered just how it would feel. Dave talked me through using the home-made douche in the bathroom. I filled the container with hot water, excluded the air so that the container and the tube were full of water, greased the end of the tube before I inserted it as far as it would go, then squeezed the container to feel the liquid discharging deep within my anal passage, and on Dave’s direction I gripped my sphincter for as long as I could to stop the liquid from coming out, then, sitting on the toiled pulled the tube out and released my sphincter so that the liquid and debris poured out. “Again” Dave directed, and this time the water was clean. I wiped myself off, then pushed the cold KY suppository in as far as I could, then turning to Dave announced “I’m ready, come fuck my arse” with a giggle. “I’d never expected to hear you to say that” said Dave with a laugh.

I got onto the bed in the doggy position, teasingly moving by bum from side to side. “On your back woman. Foreplay is just as important”, so I did as directed and as usual Dave went down on my and soon I was aroused which was signalled by my little moans. “You can turn over now” said Dave and I did I was told. He pulled me round on the bed so that I was sideways and he could enter me from a standing position at the side of the bed. I was waiting for him to insert his cock immediately, but he first chose to reach around me to continue his work on my clitoris. I was soon fully aroused, and getting a little frustrated and cried “Fuck me, damn you, put it in”. I felt his cock pushing against my anus and I instinctively gripped tightly, and Dave couldn’t push his cock in. “Relax and push down, as though you were constipated”. I did and felt his cock force an entrance for the first time. He went a long way in, but reaching back with my hand to feel him and realised that he was only half-way in. “Grip me now and see how it feels” he directed. I did, and Dave groaned. I relaxed then gripped again. “Oh god” he groaned, “You sure you haven’t done this before?” I didn’t bother to replay but gripped and un-gripped repeatedly, loving the sensation it gave me, and by the noises that Dave was making, he like it too. In a hoarse voice he grunted “As I pull out, grip me and as I push in, relax”. I did as I was told, and I loved the sucking feeling deep inside me as he pulled back, and the sensation as I gripped him tightly as he thrust in. I reached back to feel him, and became aware that he was gradually able to go further and further inside me.

I shuddered into a massive orgasm and Dave had to grip my hips to stop me from pulling off him, holding me tight against him, his cock fully submerged in my stomach. When my breathing slowed down he recommenced his thrusting movement and I could feel every inch of him inside me. It was only after we’d finished that I wondered if I liked anal sex more than virginal sex. In the meantime, I had another orgasm before Dave came inside me, jerking me against him so that he was as deep in me as far he could go. As he finally pulled out of me I said breathlessly “That was the best sex I’ve ever had” and he replied with as short laugh “Tell me about it”.

After I’d wiped myself off with a tissue, and folded a couple more to place between my to stop any leakage, I lay on my back next to Dave, and reached to hold his hand. ”I love you Dave” I said, “So very much”. “And I love you too Carole”. We lay there side by side holding hands and went to sleep.

The following morning it was inevitable that I mused about finding a way to get one of our fuck-buddy strangers have anal sex with me, and how much Dave would enjoy watching me being violated in that way. I'd have to ask Dave how to get one of our fuck-buddies to give me anal sex. But that’s an account that must wait for another day to be related here.